The Totem series originally developed from throwing clay forms on the pottery wheel. The wheel is primarily a tool that I use to create the larger scaled basic shape, which is then manipulated into the finished forms. The totem series evolved through my desire to create more sculptural artwork.

The large cylinder shape is the canvas where random thoughts and symbols suggest a language of the mind. Throwing larger segments on the wheel and connecting them until they reach the desired size, often 4’ or more create the Totem shapes. This process allows the forms to “grow” organically into the next phase, which is adding symbology and piercing into the forms. Piercing the clay adds a visual lightness and texture. It also becomes the medium for light to pass through at night or absorb into circular shapes in daylight. The appearance and meaning of the totem series is completely different during the day and night. Lighting the pieces from inside creates piercing rays of light that emanate outward from within the sculptures. During the day color and texture takes the forefront.